Medical advantages of Bitter Kola


Did you realize that Coca-Cola got its name from a typical African tree?

A portion of the main plans for Coca-Cola were made utilizing the concentrate of the severe kola plant. In spite of the fact that the organization hasn’t utilized genuine kola to enhance their soft drinks in years, the name stays a token of the bizarre plant that motivated the notorious beverage.

Harsh kola, otherwise called severe cola or Garcinia Kola, is a plant found in Central and Western Africa that has for some time been esteemed for its restorative properties. Albeit conventional African medication utilizes all pieces of the Bitter Kola plant, the seeds are generally normally eaten.

Severe kola seeds have a sharp, harsh flavor that slides into a slight pleasantness as you bite, and they’re commonly eaten crude.

Medical advantages

Albeit severe kola has been eaten in Africa for quite a long time, researchers are simply starting to consider the medical advantages of this blooming plant.

As per these early examinations, unpleasant kola might have the option to help with medical issues including:


Harsh kola has been utilized throughout the years to battle diseases from the normal cold to hepatitis. A recent report demonstrated that harsh kola can help battle hacks, bacterial contaminations, and viral diseases. Eating harsh kola when a disease starts may help battle the contamination and cause you to feel better more rapidly.


Severe kola seeds have generally been bitten on in Africa to battle against incendiary conditions like joint inflammation. One 2008 examination indicated that patients with osteoarthritis in their knees demonstrated essentially decreased irritation when eating harsh kola contrasted with a fake treatment. The significant levels of potassium in unpleasant kola might be a contributing element in lessening irritation.


Early examinations propose that a compound called kolaviron, which is found in unpleasant kola, may secure against hypoglycemia in individuals with type 2 diabetes. Despite the fact that this first investigation was done on rodents and has not yet been duplicated on people, these early discoveries are promising.

Supplements per Serving

The FDA considers unpleasant kola by and large safe to eat, however orders it correspondingly to fundamental oils. That implies there’s very little data accessible about serving sizes or dietary information. Nonetheless, a recent report found that unpleasant kola was high in the accompanying supplements:




The examination same investigation likewise found that severe kola had significant levels of:

Nutrient C





Instructions to Prepare Bitter Kola

Harsh kola can be eaten all alone, uncooked, in the same way as other different nuts. Remember, nonetheless, that it’s classified “unpleasant” on purpose. Unpleasant kola can be a procured taste.

You can now and again discover drinks made or seasoned with severe kola at African business sectors and online stores. In the event that you don’t care for the taste however need to acquaint unpleasant kola with your eating routine, these beverages might be a decent choice.

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